From idea to schedule with mindmap

Two proverbs most project managers will recognize are 'the first step is the hardest' and 'well begun is half done'.

Using a mindmap for defining the project scope gives an easy start. A mindmap is a well-known technique to visually organize information into a breakdown structure. Further reviewing of the mindmap will improve the quality of the Work Breakdown Structure and reduce the risk of an incomplete schedule.


A special tool for making a mindmap is MindMup for Google Drive 2.0 which is integrated with Google Drive. It allows for collaborative planning with the project team.

Import mindmap into ProjectWork

After you created your mindmap you can import it in ProjectWork where it will appear as a Work Breakdown outline. Documents attached to the nodes in MindMup are also imported in ProjectWork. From here you continue planning by adding durations, start dates, resources, costs, etc.

When you import MindMup you can set whether all tasks need a default initial duration of 8 hours. There is also the option to include a flow in the schedule if the mindmap contains arrows from node to node.

In order to use the MindMup result in ProjectWork you first need to download a file from MindMup to your pc and then import it from your pc into ProjectWork.