ProjectWork for Rollout Planning

Software to support rollout management

Planning a rollout

Rollout is a project in which a new product, service or process is put into use by an organization. As the name suggests, there is a distribution across locations. Each implementation per location involves configuration items that need installing or updating. The configurations per location are not necessarily the same. The rollout implementations can be clustered in batches, phases, locations and/or otherwise.

Items to plan

The rollout planning involves purchasing, delivery, facility, installation, commissioning, integration, training and more. Often this plan is more or less identical per implementation. The identical part allows for re-use, the more or less part requires an accurate breakdown into re-usable configuration items. In this way you create a customized configuration using standard building blocks.


Planning a rollout with ProjectWork gives you full control over the operation. ProjectWork has several features to help you:

  • create a rollout plan with a Work Breakdown Structure
  • re-use work packages from saved clipboards
  • distribute the available resources among the implementations with resource leveling
  • keep status and issues in one place with notes and custom columns
  • publish locations with their name and progress in Google Maps
  • publish milestones in a Google Calendar
  • report progress to all stakeholders in Google Sheets

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