ProjectWork for Project Management Office (PMO)

Software to coordinate and support multiple projects

Projects are widely used to achieve a result in a planned and controlled way. This can be done occasionally within an organization if there is a need for it, but there are also organizations for which projects are the standard way of working. This can be internally, where the project produces a result, or externally where the project is the product.

Organizations that frequently carry out similar projects want to streamline them. In this way, projects can start faster, and a common understanding with associated tools is created and experience is passed on from one project to the other. To build and manage this commonality, a Project Management Office (PMO) is often responsible, using a PM framework, such as PRINCE2 or PMBOK, possibly supplemented with Agile or Scrum.

Web app ProjectWork for online project planning and Google Drive form a combination that is suitable for an organization with a PMO:

  • Share documents and planning schedules online with project members and other stakeholders to view or to work on it jointly (simultaneously).
  • Report project status to a central dashboard in a Google spreadsheet. The dashboard shows all projects in a Gantt chart.
  • Create reports by publishing a ProjectWork schedule in a Google spreadsheet, optionally extending it with calculations and charts and synchronizing it later with the changed schedule, so that for example progress can be calculated.
  • Save documents and plans centrally as a template and use them per project after copying. Dashboard and synchronized spreadsheet can be copied as well from a ProjectWork template.
  • Saved clipboards can serve as building blocks and can be copied from a ProjectWork template.
  • Use of baselines to monitor schedule and costs variance.
  • ProjectWork has Resource management whereby resources can be grouped centrally and assigned to multiple projects.

With a ProjectWork domain license for the company domain, all users with Google Workspace can use it within the company domain. For ProjectWork users, Forscale has demo videos available.

For a PMO, Forscale can implement a customized solution based on Google Workspace apps, Google Apps Script and ProjectWork. This solution can then be used for all projects and can relate to different phases in a project, such as initiation, planning, implementation and evaluation.

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