ProjectWork for Education

Project management Planning software using Google Drive

Teaching project management

An educational institute can benefit from practical exercises with project aspects like phases, tasks, resources, documentation, communication, cost, progress etc. Possible exercises are creating and maintaining a WBS breakdown with Gantt time chart, resource management, calculating a budget, etc. Educated students can then use project management for their study projects and later profession.

Online collaboration

A project team consisting of multiple disciplines is not always located at the same place which makes collaboration on projects difficult. New state-of-the-art cloud storage, like Google Drive in combination with the appropriate project planning software, allows for handling these aspects in a collaborative and real-time way. The access can even be simultaneous by different people to collaborate on the same document. Online collaboration is very powerful for project management where sharing and discussing information is key.

Online project planning and tracking

Web app ProjectWork is online software for project planning working closely with Google Suite. The file containing the project planning is kept in your Google Drive where it can be shared between one or more students and a teacher in real-time. The basic functions of ProjectWork are similar to Microsoft Project and the advanced functions integrate with Google apps like Calendar, Maps and Sheets. ProjectWork access authorization is safely restricted to files that are created by itself.

Affordable licenses

ProjectWork Team functionality and licensing are well suited for education. If all students have a Google account in the same (sub)domain of the institute, a single Domain license will cover them all for a fixed period for a fixed price. If the institute has G Suite, it can have a domain wide install without the need for individual installs and authorizations. If students have private accounts like from, a Group license with individual installs and activation is cost-effective. A free trial to assess the functionality is available for a short period.

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