Tutorial videos for ProjectWork


The videos make use of the Free or Business version as indicated. Videos for Free are also valid for Business. Click on the title to get a link to the total video or to the subject you are looking for in the video.

Some tips for playing in YouTube:

  • Pause and restart the video with the keyboard's space bar to view details at ease.
  • Enable subtitling in English or other language to better follow the video. The option is at the bottom of the video player.
  • Disable autoplay to prevent starting a related video after the video. The switch is at the bottom of the video player.
  • Set the video quality to HD, not to automatic, if the resolution is insufficient. The option is in the settings at the bottom of the video player.

video 1: Install project planning Software in Google Drive

video 2: Plan project with Tasks (for Free)

video 3: Track your Project (for Free)

video 4: Plan project with Resources (for Business)

video 5: Clipboard and Template (for Business)

video 6: Baseline and Reporting (for Business)