Publishing with ProjectWork

ProjectWork can publish a schedule in different ways by integrating Google apps. Changes to a schedule are not included in a published version, but you can republish to the same file or a new file.

Schedule as HTML

In ProjectWork you publish the schedule in Google Drive with menu ProjectWork > Publish > Schedule as HTML....
You can email or host this HTML-file yourself, see below.

Milestones in Google Calendar

In ProjectWork you publish milestones with menu ProjectWork > Publish > Milestones in Google Calendar....

The milestones appear in a separate ProjectWork calendar that can be viewed simultaneously with other calendars in Google Calendar. This calendar can contain milestones from different projects of the same account.

Below the calendar of Demo project is publicly shared and embedded using the Calendar embed-helper. Milestone data from the schedule becomes visible when you click on the event.

Sites in Google Maps

In ProjectWork you publish resource sites with menu ProjectWork > Publish > Sites in Google Maps
Resources can have a site location in order to accumulate progress or cost per site.

The two resources from the Demo project are visible in the map below. By clicking on the marker the data becomes visible.