Frequent questions about ProjectSheet

Known issues

Why do I get " refused to connect" in the sidebar?

In the Pro version the dates sometimes change randomly

What do the permissions mean I need to agree to in order to use ProjectSheet?

Why can I not re-open the sidebar and only start a new project?

How to remove 'task schedule' and 'resource' tab from my spreadsheet? They add automatic again when I reopen!


Does Undo (Ctrl+Z) work in ProjectSheet?

Can I add ProjectSheet into an existing spreadsheet?

Is it possible to color each resource its own color and then color the Gantt bar with that resource's color?

If I apply the ProjectSheet Pro add-in to a document, can others with whom I share it also edit it?


Can the project time be more than 3 months?

How can I show the sidebar again after I closed it?

How can I use a template to repeatedly start a new schedule?

Show actual working time in Pro

Share certain parts of the schedule


How do I activate the Pro license after payment?

Why do I get strike-through columns after I activated the license?

How can someone else pay for your license?

Can I transfer a license to another account?

Can I transfer a single license to a domain license?